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Fantastic Charcoal Indonesia is Manufacturer Company from Indonesia. We concentrate in producing and selling commodities from Indonesia like Ulin Wood Charcoal, Iron Wood Charcoal, Halaban Wood Charcoal, Thamarind Wood Charcoal, Acacia Wood Charcoal, and Forest Wood Charcoal.

Fantastic Charcoal now grown into one of the major exporters in Indonesia in Charcoal products. We have a large market in the world.

Do you need a charcoal product? Do not hesitate to contact us. You chose us in partnering is already very precise. Quality goods and services that satisfy customers is our motto.

Business Type : Manufacturer

Products : Industry Charcoal

- Ulin Wood Charcoal

- Iron Wood Charcoal

       Barbeque (BBQ) Charcoal

- Halaban Wood Charcoal

- Thamarind Wood Charcoal

- Acacia Wood Charcoal

- Forest Wood Charcoal

Address : Jalan Ir. Soekarno 16C/3A, Ruko Mega Galaxy, Surabaya

Phone : +6231 5911818

Fax : +6231 5911919

E-mail : fantasticcharcoal@gmail.com

City : Surabaya

Province : Jawa Timur

Zip : 60252

Country : Indonesia

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